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Sam Landreth — West Coast Photographer

Let's Make it Memorable


Let’s have a good time

Whether I’m capturing your engagement photos or your wedding day, I want it to be so much fun for you. This is a time of celebration & it’s my mantra to help you have the sweetest time & memories possible.

I’m fly on the wall

Don’t think twice — I like to blend in while I capture your day, your moments with loved ones & in-between interactions. Of course, I’ll always help direct you if you’re unsure of what to do with your hands or where to look during portraits — I’ve got your back.


Not a fan of checklists?

Engagement photos might seem like another thing to check off before your wedding day — but I want it to be an experience. An evening of time spent cuddling up, wandering through nature, looking into your sweetheart’s eyes. All the cute, sappy stuff.


Have questions?

Ask! Feel free to send a message my way at any point — or to ask a question during our session. I always want you to feel comfortable + informed - so don’t be shy.


If you need some help —

I’m more than happy to assist with tips in planning your session or wedding day. Looking for a dreamy location? Wondering when the best time to begin your golden hour ceremony is? Are you traveling for your sesh or wedding & looking for recommendations in the area? I’m all ears & I’m here for you!


You’re in love

And what a wonderful thing that is.

Let’s celebrate it well.