t w e n t y ♦︎ t h i n g s

so — i have a little list of rules that are vital to daily survival for me so i thought i’d share them here ::

1. wake up before your alarm clock.

2. go for long drives at sunrise when you can because there's nothing quite like it.

3. sacrifice those nine recommended hours of sleep & stay up all night watching movies and going on Sonic runs with your best friends. you'll crave those nights until summer rolls around again.

4. don't let anyone's judgement stop you from wearing what you want. if you're 5'8 and you want to wear those jeffrey campbell platforms, just do it & don’t worry about what anyone else might think.

5. sometimes go to bed super early. wake up naturally & be well-rested.

6. wear your hair naturally whenever you can in the summer.

7. always ask people how you can help them.

8. learn peoples' interests: ask about them in the future.

9. never reveal everything you know. if you did, everyone else would be just like you.

10. treat yourself to new clothes from your favorite store once in a while & don’t feel bad about it. 

11. don't be afraid to get lunch on your own.

12. buy yourself flowers.

13. genuinely befriend your significant other's family & friends.

14. give your mom thoughtful little gifts, as often as you think about it.

15. tell your best friends how much you love them as regularly as you can.

16. don't take your siblings for granted. hang out with them. you won’t always live in the same state.

17. always say "bless you" when someone sneezes.

18. keep your room clean. it's refreshing and it keeps your head clear. 

19. start your morning by reading or doing yoga or writing down things you want to accomplish that day. the day will be so much more productive.

20. learn. not necessarily in class, but on your own. google anything & everything. see if what that person said was true, look into someone else's belief system, watch youtube videos about something you've never heard of, stay as up-to-date on politics as you can. you'll almost always have something bright to contribute to conversations.

just some food for thought, i try to keep these things in mind as i go around day-to-day! just wanted to share in the situation that you either relate or wanted to hear something like this.

xoxo ⚡️