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allie + collins | abiqua falls engagement

this was definitely the most wild engagement session i have ever shot!

i met up with Allie + Collins at the top of a mountain that went down to Abiqua Falls & it was snowing. my Prius doesn't do well in the snow & was pretty much a sitting duck on the hill, so we left it & i got in Allie + Collins' car & we headed down the rockiest road of all time for about fifteen minutes-- then once we arrived at the bottom of the mountain & got out of the car, we couldn't find the trailhead that went to the falls. in all honesty, i thought it was a walk-up waterfall like so many in Oregon are. 

there was no cell service, so eventually we decided on a path that went past a gate. we walked for maybe ten minutes & then we arrived at the top of a mountain that had ropes going all down the entire side of it. it was raining and incredibly muddy, but it was the only way down to the river. 

we literally scaled the side of a mountain via these ropes & after about twenty minutes, made it down to the bottom by the river. we walked as far as we possibly could but the water was so high that we couldn't continue down the stream any longer & didn't even get to see the falls 😂 i must say, we were all covered in mud & soaking wet & were such troopers. 

we ended up just shooting but the river & up on the hill & then up near my car in the snow when we made the climb back up the mountain. as it got dark, allie & collins helped me get my car up the small hill out of the snow & then i promptly drove off to the nearest cheeseburger. i think all i ate that day leading up to the unexpected adventure was a yogurt.

it was seriously so much fun & probably the best way to do an engagement session. i definitely welcome more sessions like this in the future!

here are a few favorites: