life has been good. it's been very simple & calm & taken day-by-day. i typically know a few days in advance when i will be working & when i'll have a shoot but other than that -- everything has been happening on its' own time.

last night felt like the definition of summer. you know, those nights you dream about mid-december or vicariously live through via a john green novel.

it started out with pedicures & dinner at my fav. restaurant with my fav. girls, & then the night set in & my friends & i walked to one of the local elementary schools & laid on the track & talked about life. then we walked to our quaint little downtown green & sat in the gazebo & talked and reminisced some more. then another friend came to join us-- he suggested we just drive all around town, so we did. he drove & my one friend & i sat up front & the windows were down & the best music was blasting & it was warm & everything felt like it was slow motion. we laughed & talked about old times & things we used to do & people we used to spend time with & little legends of the town. we drove & looked at all the biggest houses & gawked at how far back they went. we talked about how some kid that lives in our town's grandparents founded Smuckers and another's invented the diaper. and we looked at their houses, and they were beautiful.

it was just one of those nights where you didn't think about anything daunting and you forgot about everything that wasn't right there in front of you. just good friends & a good night.

so, where i am going with this, is, that i know i couldn't have nights like this with friends like i have without the connection that our faith brings us. C.S. Lewis once said, “what draws people to be friends is that they see the same truth. they share it.” and i love that quote. the salvation that we have because of our Savior is what draws us to be friends. these people are so amazing and they make my days so much more pleasant, let alone my existence, so much more pleasant. they're the kind of people you can call at 3am without question, and who know everything about you but don't treat you any differently than if  you were the most perfect human being in the entire world. that is something that i will always treasure with these people. 

they pray for you whenever they know you're facing a difficult situation & they forgive you when you mess up & you forgive them. and nothing can replace that kind of friendship. 
i hope you share this kind of friendship with people too. and if you don't, i hope that you find it.