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best of 2016

okay, woah. this year was absolutely wild. i moved from akron, ohio to portland, oregon just 11 months ago & in that 11 months i have grown & changed & seen so much.

i am so so incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful clients who worked with me this year & i am so thankful for this beautiful world that the most wonderful Creator made for us.

i wanted to put together a blog post with images from favorite sessions + trips in (backwards) chronological order from this year. i hope you enjoy it!



i took some of my favorite photos ever of the most lovely Julia:


i had a killer senior session out in San Fransisco:



this couples session is probably one of my all time favorite shoots -- i could literally post every single photo from it. but instead of doing that, i'll just give you this one & the link for the blog post so you can check out the rest. :)

i got to shoot this lovely engagement session downtown!


i went on a fun hike to Wahclella Falls with some friends from SLC:


i was able to take a group of friends to a cabin / watchtower out in Bend, Oregon for a few days as a part of a project with H Influencer Collective! :




in early october, i headed out to Nashville just for fun -- but then upon announcing my trip, i had the sweetest girl, Kate, reach out & book me for a portrait session. she needed photos for her upcoming EP & it was so fun getting to take them!


later in the month, i got to meet up with kassalah + margarita & take some pretty photos in the fall colors in the outskirts of portland!


in the middle of the month i flew down to SF & drove out to Big Sur for the prettiest elopement! it poured rain & the Taylor + Holly were married right on the beach.

when i boarded my plane in SF, i headed up to Seattle & my flight got in at 2pm. right from the airport, i drove 3 hours up to Diablo Lake in the North Cascades for this session at 5pm. everything went off without a hitch & we had the best conditions i'd ever seen!


after the session ended, i drove 9 hours down to Eugene & flew out of the EUG airport that next morning to head back to SF to spend a few days with my family. from there, i flew to Ohio & got to take senior photos of this gem of a kid.




september was a more low key month.

four friends & i crammed into my Prius & drove 12 hours to Glacier National Park for a few days. it was freezing & beautiful & we were all very close after that trip, as you'd imagine.

i met my parents' puppy, Finn -- yes, i know, he literally makes your heart stop beating for a moment.


i got to hang at Tye Haus for a day with my friends Andrew, Chandler, Tucker & Scout.

tye-haus SNL

I spent some time in San Luis Obispo with my family:


i shot Chelsea back in Portland --


& i got to shoot a family session of my pastor Jesse, his wife Bekah & their son Lyon at Mt. Tabor:




i shot the dreamiest Seattle wedding with my friend Ben:

samantha landreth

we shot a little day-before session with them at pike's place in seattle:


at some point in August i was out in SF for a little bit. i imagine i was visiting my family but i don't particularly recall. 😂 i got to shoot with the lovely & sweet Andie while i was in town!


did the most fun little shoot at Latourell Falls out in the Gorge with Olivia + Josh & my friends Ben & India!

samantha landreth

then at one point in the month, my friend Sam texted me & asked if i wanted to go to Yosemite the following week. i was free, so i said yes & i made the 9 hour drive down to SF & then we drove there that night.


i went on a small hike / exploration around Mt. Baker up in Northern Washington with my friends Pat & Dylan at some point in the month, as well.


worked on a styled shoot for my most favorite bridal company!


i got to do a senior session for this cutie, Rylan! i've been friends with his sister & family for 10 years now & i can't believe he is all grown up!


i went offroading with Pat, Andrew, Veeks& Autumn somewhere on a forestry road in the Bellevue region. 




in july, i headed on a solo 11-hour road trip to Salt Lake City. i got to shoot with marina dukes & this remains my favorite shoot of all time!


i also got to shoot another favorite stylized bridal shoot in Provo Canyon:

then here are a few more favorites from a shoot with Jacki in Big Cottonwood Canyon!


i shot the sweetest, most intimate little campground wedding ceremony out in The Gorge with my friend Sam:

portland wedding photographer

i did a neat little test shoot in Portland with Andrea!


i ran through rain storms & pure humidity in Chicago with some of my best friends.




in june, i headed out to SF for a few days to hang with a friend & do a pretty little stylized bridal shoot up on Mt. Davidson. this is my favorite image from the bunch.


shot a mini stylized bridal shoot out in Santa Cruz at sunset one evening:


i ended up in Utah again for whatever reason & did a family session one morning:


more bridal things back in Portland --

portland oregon weddings



part of April & May consisted of a 2 week 4,500 mile road trip i went on. here are some favorite shots from the trip:

a couples sesh in the rain:


a sweet engagement session out in the Gorge:


one of my shoots for Aeropostale out in The Gorge:


i also spent a week in Alaska. here are some frames from that trip:

i shot with Julia Overby back in PDX; this was one of my most favorite shoots!

another little shoot for Aeropostale:


some commissions for Bridge & Burn: 




i shot some pretty bridals in Portland:

i was able to shoot one of the PRETTIEST weddings in the pouring rain on the coast of Cape Flattery, Washington with my friend Sam.


i ran around Northern Washington with Becca:


i explored some backroads in San Fransisco: 

i saw Point Reyes for the first time --


i did a fun studio shoot with Elise Kruse in San Fransisco:



i met Sam Selis in my favorite restaurant where he was clearing dishes. i asked him if he wanted to model for me sometime, haha. he was signed, as you'd have it. & this was one of my favorite shoots!


i know i keep saying a bunch of shoots are my favorite shoot. but it's because they are! i have so many favorites; this was one of them:

i shot my first styled bridal shoot on a rainy morning in The Gorge --

i ran around Snoqualmie Pass in Washington one week:




I shot Kristian & Caleb on the Oregon Coast:

i got to explore #TheAptUpstairs in NW Portland:


i saw the painted hills in Bend:


i went to Mt. Hood a couple of times:

mt. hood

& i ran around the Oregon Coast some more --


& that, my friends, was my twenty-sixteen.

if you’ve made it to the end of this: you’re a real trooper. i’d give you a hug if i could. thank you to all of my lovely clients who made this year what it was! i am ready to head into twenty-seventeen full force! let's do this all over again.


- Sam