best of 2017

this year has been one of the most exhilarating, unexpected, and exciting years of my life. I made a goal last January to visit two foreign countries, & ended up visiting 7. I flew on 55 planes & I spent more time out of town than I did home in Portland. I had goals for weddings & sessions & visions & dreams & ended up meeting the majority of them! I'm so thankful for all that I saw this year, for all I was able to do, & for those that helped me get there. To everyone who supported me & helped make my dreams come true, thank you thank you thank you! 

I made one of these blog posts last year & had a lot of fun making it & reliving the memories so I thought & i'd do it again! It honestly feels like I was just sitting here creating the one that I made almost exactly one year ago. Life goes by so quickly, it's crazy!

Here is a little highlight reel from a few of my favorite sessions & weddings from the year -


i did a fun stylized conceptual shoot for the first time. still love the way this one turned out! models are parker moore & elizabeth webb.

shot at the ice caves in utah with my friends jacki page & kyle sipple!

a lovely little golden hour session in utah with zoe lazerson & josh campbell

while visiting LA in january, i was watching This Is Us while i waited for my friend Alivia to take a shower. in that particular episode was Darren & i thought he'd be fun to shoot with, so i did a little research, reached out & we were able to shoot a couple days later! it was such a blast. look for him in episode 11 of This Is Us : )


i had one of my favorite couples sessions with melissa + josh for my workshop which released in May! more on that in its' corresponding month.

i had an amazing shoot at what was meant to be Abiqua Falls but ended up being too muddy & high tide to get to. Allie + Collins & I scaled a muddy mountain in the rain & got some of my favorite photos. we were freezing & coated in mud by the end of it but it remains one of my favorite shoots!

i shot a fun blogger session for rae surbaugh in downtown portland!



here are a few highlights from a stylized bridal session with sonora mindwerl, davis hilton & anna mara flowers

this maternity session in the SF area is one of my favorites - the lighting was perfect & i love the colors in the valleys & the sky that day. i got to work with these guys again in october once they had their baby, Indy!

in March i drove from PDX to SF, then to LA, then back up to SF, then stopped in PDX for a minute to repack, then drove to Seattle & flew to Copenhagen, Denmark; Santorini, Greece; & then The Faroe Islands for two weeks with my friend Sam! you can find my fashion blog photos from Greece HERE / photos from Copenhagen HERE / & photos from the Faroes HERE


After two weeks roaming around Europe, I arrived in PDX around April 10th. I was home for about 6 days before heading back to SF to fly back out to Europe for a trip to London & Paris that I had planned prior to the Europe trip that I had just embarked on. 


In that little tiny 6-day timeframe of being home, I met my wonderful angel of a boyfriend, Nick - pictured on the right with me in NYC from this Summer. The whole post on that trip is linked to my fashion blog!









Also while I was home, I shot an amazing two-part couples session in the Gorge in the morning & at the coast at sunset. That was a whirlwind of a day, but so fun to see my favorite parts of Oregon at sunrise & sunset.


i got to shoot a lovely wedding at the old sugar mill in Sacramento with my friend Sam Elkins which i just added the link to if you want to see the whole thing!


after the wedding in Sacramento, we drove to my parents' house in SF & i flew out to London the following day. i went with my best friend Micaela, then headed to Paris after about 5 days!

more photos  HERE  !

more photos HERE !

then in paris, all of the stars aligned & i got to shoot with matt + julia (some friends from Washington) the whole session is HERE if you'd like to see it!



i flew back into SFO after my time in Paris & shot a fun couples session!

sf couples session.jpg

then, i flew back up to Portland & shot a couples session in the Gorge at sunset which i love -

columbia river gorge couples.jpg

right after that, i headed down to LA & flew to Turks & Caicos to shoot a vow renewal for Kim Biermann. full blog post HERE : )


then right from there, i flew back up to Miami, then down to Cuba for 9 days on a project with some awesome friends & Alaska Airlines. that blog post is HERE on my fashion blog. that trip really was the most memorable i've ever been on. so thankful that i got to go! model here is stacie elmer.


i flew back up to LA & then to Portland & then drove up to Seattle & shot a lovely wedding in Washington for sam + preston.

the whole day is linked  HERE

the whole day is linked HERE


i did this fun spring shoot with Nata Sarafinchan!


i had one of my favorite shoots of the year in The Portland Studio with my friend Sam Selis



i got to shoot the sweetest wedding up in Seattle with my favorite second-shooter - Nick - which, while i'm here, let me just direct you all over to his website real quick. he is so talented at branding & design & photo & video & there is nothing he isn't good at so you should go hire him for all the things.


next, i shot a surprise proposal at Canon Beach. rest of the session is linked HERE!


then a couple days later, i headed back to Canon beach for Kevin + Taylor's elopement! their whole day is linked HERE.


apparently i was on a roll with surprise proposals, and headed on up to Seattle for another! so fun!



after going back down to Portland, i spent some time in NYC with nick, then we headed to Cleveland & then to Atlanta for this lovely wedding in the woods! check out their whole day HERE


most of September consisted of running around all of Oregon with Nick! 



i shot lindsay + anthony's lovely wedding near mt hood - whole day linked HERE

i did some family photos in SF for these two & baby Indy whom i shot maternity photos for in the spring! so fun.



i went to Marfa, TX for my 21st birthday with my best friend & i got to shoot for Toyota whilst there!


next, we headed to LA. i shot one of my favorite sets this year of Dreamers & Lovers' new collection in Malibu.



i got to shoot my friend & old roommate Chelsea's wedding in Oregon - still working on editing & uploading that one but will blog it soon :)


this year really was one of the best yet, and i am so thankful for all of the opportunities that prevailed. wishing you the best in 2018! xo