bloom where you are planted.

"bloom where you are planted." :: this is a difficult concept for me. i tend to always be looking ahead to what seems bigger & better in my life & taking for granted what is going on at the moment i am in. 

i saw this today :: 


& it was such a good reminder & i wanted to share it with you all.

as far as my life goes, i'm planning on taking a trip across the country in four months & moving across the country in a year. & with that, so many opportunities seem to be unveiling themselves & so many wonderful things seem to be unfolding off in the future. 

i'll have the mountains & the ocean at my fingertips & i'll forget what it felt like to have nothing but flat grass fields & oak trees (cough, cough. ohio.) 

it's been a struggle for me to not compare Ohio to the sprawling mountains of Oregon & beautiful Canon Beach as well as everything about Portland & Seattle & the Washington mountains nearby. it's difficult to look at photographers out there who have amazing work centered around the mountains & wondering if i'd be where they are given the same opportunities.

it's something that i truly need to take one day at a time & look forward to being immersed in again one day, but dreading shoots here because they don't live up to that of those who live out West isn't necessary. 

so if you live in Ohio & relate to this, let's shoot sometime & see what we can come up with! 

& if you live out West, let's connect & work together some day.