io sono iii

so, i thought i’d start off the first post of this section of the blog with the tattoo i got today. it says "IO SONO III" which means "i am" in italian + a roman numeral three. = i am third.

i’ve been wanting this tattoo for quite a while now, and i figured that it’d be neat to look back one day and remember that i got it in Italy as opposed to the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio. (no offense, CLE.)

“i am third” is basically the main principle for daily life as a Christian. it means to put your relationship with Jesus and other people in general before yourself. seeing that i am very completely utterly far from perfect, this is a struggle that i face more times than not.

so this is going to be my main focus, the main thing that i strive for as i have recently taken a step forward in a new and refreshing chapter of life. pretty much, i just wanted a constant reminder of this, somewhere easy to see and easy to be reminded of! so there you have it, in case you were wondering or in case you weren’t, now you know about it : )