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film roll 02

i just got scans back from my second roll of film & i love it. i'm stoked to to prioritize film a lot more this year! here's the blog post to my first roll, if you're interested: film roll 01.

also -- i would highly recommend clicking on all of the names of the people that i have linked to each photoset. they're all the most talented people that i know! lucky that i am able to surround myself with these gems.

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film roll 01

i just got my first roll of film back! i am in love. capturing moments & waiting weeks & weeks to see them is agonizing but actually the best feeling. definitely going to be shooting a lot more film. this was on an AE1 with Kodak Max 800+++.

these were taken at Yosemite National Park, California; Portland, Oregon; The Oregon Coast; San Fransisco, California & Glacier National Park, Montana.

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