sam landreth presets

What if you could fast-forward several years into your career, create the business that you’re dreaming of & then come back to tell your current self everything you learned?

That’s the thought that inspired this workshop. Every piece of information tucked inside is something that I would have loved to learn or have access to when I was starting out. All I wanted was to watch photographers shooting in their element, hear about their process, learn how to use editing software, and understand what a solid workflow looked like.

I wondered what would happen if I could put all of that knowledge in one place.

That lead me here. Creating this workshop was one of the most challenging, blood-sweat-and-tears kind of projects that I’ve ever done.

I’m talking editing until 5am every night for two weeks while I was overseas by myself. Frantically searching for outlets on airplanes to make the most of my flights. Facetiming friends in the middle of the night asking how to achieve a certain video feature. Meticulously editing every detail until I was proud to release this workshop.

What's it all about?

In this workshop, you’ll get to watch me directing & posing two different shoots (a model & a married couple) & show editing with presets from *five* different preset packs & show how I make tweaks to tons of different presets applied to images so that you’re able to learn how to create your own editing style. I also go through a Q&A of all your most-asked questions!

Additionally, I talk about the camera settings I like to use & how I plan & set up shoots & show a general process of how I like to manage my work.

I also teach my techniques in —

+posing subjects

+lighting & camera settings

+editing & workflow

+what gear I use & why I use it

+the importance of styling & planning shoots

The workshop also includes the editing process for 10 of my favorite iPhone shots — how I edit them + the before & afters.

Includes 105 minutes of content.