sam landreth presets

What's this workshop all about?

I teach about my techniques in...

-posing subjects

-lighting & camera settings

-editing & workflow

-what gear I use & why I use it

-the importance of styling & planning shoots

In this workshop, you’ll get to watch me directing & posing two different shoots (a model & a married couple) & show editing with presets from *five* different preset packs & show how I would make tweaks to tons of different presets so that you’re able to learn how to create your own editing style. I also go through a Q&A of all your most-asked questions!

Additionally, I talk about the camera settings I like to use & how I plan & set up shoots & show a general process of how I like to manage everything.

The workshop also includes the editing process for 10 of my favorite iPhone shots — how I edit + the before & afters.

Includes 105 minutes of content.